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"In each of us there is another being that we do not know.
He speaks to us through the dream and lets us know that he sees us very different from what we think we are. »

Carl Gustav Jung

Price : 250 AUD

What is spiritual hypnosis?

Spiritual hypnosis is a form of hypnotherapy, that aims to help individuals achieve a deeper connection with their spirituality, inner wisdom, and higher self. This type of hypnosis often uses guided meditation, visualization, and affirmations to help individuals access a state of relaxed awareness and tap into their spiritual consciousness. The goal of spiritual hypnosis is to promote personal growth, healing, and a sense of inner peace, and to help individuals understand their purpose and place in the world.

The result?

  • Find the origin of different problems to find solutions:

  • Health problem

  • Trauma, conscious or in the past

  • Psychological blocks

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Find the causes of difficult ties or relationships, friends, families etc. 

  • Find forgotten skills and resources.

  • Highlighting and releasing parasitic links

  • Entities, limited thought, promise or pact

  • Get guidance-life mission-karmic ties

  • Energy clearing.

What happens during a session ?

A spiritual hypnosis session lasts 3 hours and is made up of 5 main stages:

1 - The interview

An interview is necessary to better understand your concerns, problems and expectations… Following this interview, I will be able to decide on the questions to guide you during the trance.

I will explain to you, what to do or not to do for the session to go perfectly.

2 - Induction

I will guide you in a relaxation to enter a hypnotic trance.

3 - Therapeutic journey

This is the part of the session where we will access what needs to be explored in relation to why you are doing this session.

Different scenarios can be proposed:

  • Exploration of a significant event in this life.

  • Visit past life(s) 

  • Higher Consciousness Guidance

  • Entity cleaning and energy repair

  • Cleansing and energy care.

4 - Extraction

This is the time to thank for the advice and care received, and also the time to return to a normal state.

5 - The end of the session

At the end of the session, I will send you the recording so that you can listen to it again (each listening with the heart will give you information)

Can any one be hypnotized?

Hypnosis induces a trance state, which is a natural state that we experience throughout the day, when watching a good movie, when focused on tasks.

The majority of people are receptive to hypnosis, it is enough to adjust the trance time for some.

In fact, our brain changes frequency throughout the day, depending on our occupations.


It is natural to go from Beta, Alpha to Theta waves.


Some people go into resistance out of fear:

  • Fear of being manipulated: no practitioner can induce something in your brain that does not correspond to your convictions, beliefs… moreover during the state of hypnosis you hear everything and the session is recorded.

  • Fear of revealing things that are too personal: do not  worry, you will only reveal what you decide to reveal.

  • Fear of reliving one death: the practitioner will guide you through this stage and death is often experienced as a soothing experience because the ascent into the light is often gentle and benevolent.

  • Fear of reliving a trauma: your higher consciousness, which is a part of you, ensures that you only experience or re-live what is necessary and bearable.

for these reasons we can call on a surrogate.


A hypnosis session like any other holistic treatment can cause une healing crisis.


To  be able to integrate new information into your physical body and your energy bodies, it is sometimes necessary  to welcome a period of transition and discomfort with benevolence, curiosity and opening.

Online session

An online session is just as effective as a physical session.

The success of a session lies in the fact that you put your mind aside and that you understand what hypnosis is.


Before the session I explain to you how I will induce a state of modified consciousness or expansion of consciousness, this state is not a loss of consciousness.

You will therefore not sleep and this is why you will have the feeling of being fully present (which is the case and this is what often gives the feeling of not being hypnotized).

If you let go by telling me everything that comes to mind, without withholding information, you will not encounter any difficulty.


Everything being energy and interconnected, and my know-how being the same, there is no reason for a session and line not to obtain the same results as a face-to-face session.

The process of an online Transpersonal Hypnosis® session is also the same as an in-person session.

From home, you will have the advantage of being in a familiar and  place.

Expatriate myself, this service is particularly appreciated by French-speaking expatriates who want a consultation in French.


The day of the session we meet on Zoom (free service) which allows me to record the audio to give it to you.


What you need.

  • A high-speed internet connection;

  • A good quality webcam (to be directed towards the top of your body when you are lying down);

  • A headset with earphones and microphone. The quality of this helmet is essential. This is what will allow you to hear me well and it is also thanks to the good quality of your microphone that you will be able to hear your session correctly.


So that you can fully enjoy your experience, choose a quiet room with a door that you can close during your session.
You will need to be able to lie there so that you can completely relax all the muscles of your body (bed, reclining chair, etc.)

Is there a danger in doing a Transpersonal Hypnosis session online?

No difference is to be reported, although some people fear not waking up.

This false belief comes from a misunderstanding of what hypnosis is.

Hypnosis is a natural state that we go into several times a day without even realizing it.

When we are in an altered state of consciousness, we do not sleep or pass out. The mind is always present and we are always able to analyze a situation.

In fact, as we do not sleep, there is no risk of not waking up.
Although some very good trainers like the well-known Dolores Cannon do not like to do online sessions, it should be noted that knowledge of what hypnosis is, technology and energies have evolved a lot since the beginning of her education.

It is not to be feared, internet or power cut or other unforeseen phenomena, moreover many people interrupt their trance themselves to go to the toilet and we then continue their session without any incident.

I even suspect that it causes a “re-induction”, which is a hypnosis technique that deepens the trance state in which the person is.

Book a session

250 AUD

First session (face-to-face or remotely)

  • 2 preparation audio

  • 2-3 hour session

  • Recording of the session

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