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Shirley Medium

Shirley Barroy

Shirley is a very gifted and precise medium in her messages.

From an early age she receives information from the subtle world and develops her intuition with mentors.

Shirley has had a passion for the invisible world for years and still marvels at the messages that are transmitted through her

She will be able to give you the appropriate information in order to answer the questions you have

Surrogate or Medium

A surrogate or medium in French, is a medium, very receptive to hypnosis who will do this session for you.

You want to do a session of Transpersonal Hypnosis® but you know that you have trouble letting go of your mind and suddenly, that you have difficulty entering hypnosis?

Try a session with the help of a “surrogate”!

During this type of session, we work in collaboration with a medium who is used to this kind of work and who connects to your energies.

This session is most often done online, by Zoom (see the “Online session“).

It is this person who will be hypnotized for you on the day of your session, with the intention that this session is for you.

During the session, we will therefore do everything that is normally done during a “traditional” session: we will explore your other lives, we will free you from your attachments if you have any, we will contact your higher consciousness, we will give you energy treatments if you need it, etc.

During this time, you remain calmly listening to what is being said.

Here is the list of things you will need to perform a remote session

  • A good internet connection;

  • A headset with earphones and microphone. Headphones are not mandatory, I just need to hear you during the interview. However, having headphones is better for being fully immersed in the energy of what is being said or done during your session.

So that you can fully enjoy your experience, choose a quiet room with a door that you can close during your session.

350 AUD

Contact me to arrange a session with surrogate


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+61 0406204170

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