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Breath-work session in Fremantle


Practice of gentle and safe breathing that infuses you with vitality and clarity of mind.

"Discover the Power of Personalized Breath-Work for Healing and Growth" Sylvie will hold the space for you to allow you to go deep.

Price: 150 AUD

What is breath-work

This dynamic experience begins with various exercises:
movements, dancing, touching, sharing and an hour of conscious and connected circular breathing.
The journey is guided with specially chosen music that takes you even further in your experience and allows you to reconnect with your source of vital energy.


Mindful breath-work is an activation.


  • Feel a tingling in your body like a  life force with every breath!

  • Creative ideas can flow.

  • Some have angelic visions, mystical experiences and connection with the Divine. Others revisit childhood and the memories that were buried.

  • Intense self-awareness occurs ~ limiting beliefs that are normally unconscious become clear.

  • People often experience a flood of emotions and physical sensations. Sometimes there are healing tears, laughter, or sexual sensations.

From anger to ecstasy, you are encouraged to embrace everything.

The participant often leaves with a feeling of euphoria, peaceful,  full of wonder and gratitude.

Breath of Bliss, connected conscious breathing is a journey into wholeness.

We create a sacred space of  beauty and love, designed for  open up your senses, making you more available to experience.
The exercises speed up your awareness so that you can more easily feel all your feelings, open and let your heart speak, and discover what your innermost being has to reveal to you.
The progress of the journey:  the words used, as well as  music are carefully chosen to awaken your consciousness.

You can arrive with no expectations, leave with  ideas that change life! Breath of Bliss is a powerful tool  to transform negative experiences and emotions from the past that no longer serve you and for you  provide clarity on who you really are.

Advice after experiencing connected conscious breathing.

 Whatever you come across is a natural process. You are accompanied.
Some people experience joy, anger, sexual sensations,  fear, and more!
Emotions are just flowing energy  in the cells of your body.
You can have  sensations in your body and this is natural and it dissipates after the session.

Breath of Bliss helps detoxify your cells, both physically and emotionally.
All sensations are welcome.

The result?

  • feel a better connection with yourself

  • improve your physical health by oxygenating your cells

  • restore your mental and emotional balance

  • decrease your stress

Accessible to everyone! And this, regardless of your physical, emotional or even your age.

(If in doubt, ask your doctor for advice)

After a session

1. Drink lots of water.
This will help you cleanse and release all toxins and increase hydration.

2. Write down your experience.
By recording your experiences in a journal, you will be able to remember what happened. Breathing can create ideas that you quickly forget, like a dream. Take the time to write down your thoughts.

Rest, sleep more. Take naps!

4. Take care of yourself. Have practices that stimulate the love of yourself, such as yoga, massage, being in nature, drinking fruit juices or raw foods… whatever is good for you.

5. Tell a friend about it.
If you feel vulnerable. Reveal what you have been through and ask for help and listening. If you want to deepen your practice, contact your facilitator for more! With practice, the experience becomes much deeper and richer over time.


Would you like to try a short FREE session? <<CLICK HERE>>



150 AUD

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