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How to manifest

The power of the New Moon amplified by Pisces March 10, 2024, marks the ideal time to welcome a surge of creativity and new ideas that you hadn't anticipated.

You'll have a keen sense of intuition and make wise, informed decisions. If you've felt lacking in inspiration over the past few weeks or even months, this trend is about to reverse.

You'll feel as though all your wishes and goals are within reach, and this energy will propel you to exceed your own expectations. You might even wonder why you hesitated to dive in before...

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To fill out your check:

  1. In the amount box in letters, write: "I receive all your blessings, abundance, and prosperity."

  2. In the amount box in digits, write: "Pay in full."

  3. In the payee space, write: your Name and Surname.

  4. Instead of your signature, sign the check: "The Law of Abundance."

  5. Don't fill the date

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