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What is an egregore

An egregore is formed by a powerful current of collective thought. When several people are concentrating together on the same object. Example When we have a common project and with the same intensity, we develop a common energy. We can consider that we are creating a positive egregore. It can also be seen as a form of negative thinking fueled by our thoughts on a specific topic. If this subject is positive, it will generate good vibrations and well-being in everyone. But if this topic is negative, it will generate bad vibrations and discomfort. 
2020 has brought its part of doubt, fear and depression. Many people have thought in this way and have  connected and nurtured an egregore comforting their fears, doubts and pessimisms. 
Others have been mindful and did  not to listen to the fear that  most of the media and others authority have published, contrariwise they have remained focused on their goals. 
They are aware of the situation but do not have any negative thoughts to fill the collective field,  on the contrary in mindfully  they try to create other streams of positive thoughts. 
Many groups have sprung up on social networks, Zoom has been a tool to allow people to stay in touch and create groups that generate positive egregores.

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