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Energy healing with Platonic Solids

What are Platonic solids ?

Platonic solid energy healing
Platonic solids

Platonic solids are five geometric shapes related to the first five chakras and the five elements they have been known since antiquity. They can be in any material but for energy healing we will select Rose cristal, Clear cristal or other stone.

The cube of the first Chakra Mulhadara, connection to the earth and grounding

The icosahedron in connection with the second Chakra Svadhistana works on all the fluids present in the body (blood, lymph, water). Liquids are the vehicle of emotions, the principle of the feminine.

The tetrahedron in connection with the third Chakra Manipura: Works on the entire digestive sphere, the solar plexus is the seat of the ego and the emotional. It is the purifying fire. It is also the carbon atom in connection with plasma.

The dodecahedron, the fifth element, source of love, creator, male principle. Generates love and harmony in all of our different bodies, in connection with all of creation. Chakra Anahata.

The octahedron, throat chakra Chakra Vishudda.: it is the verb, the respiratory system. The lungs, throat, nose.

Use them to harmonise, balance and increase life force energy.

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