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stay inspired series of 3 videos




Calling all busy women! Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and craving a life filled with purpose and balance?

Register now to get a breath-work session to increase your life force energy and get clarity.

What you'll get

  • Exclusive set of 3 videos with explanation of a powerful breathing technique to calm your mind โ€‹and increase your energy, bring clarity  to claim the life you deserve.

  • An access to step by step powerful breathing technique to help you to relax, let go and find  balance and joy.

  • An invitation to access to my private facebook community where I'll share tips and tricks to continue to learn and grow.โ€‹


Reclaim your life and thrive like never before.


Join this free training and embark on an empowering journey with us.

Let's reclaim your life together, starting today!



I'll email you the link to watch the vidos.You'll receive exclusive insights tailored to your busy lifestyle.

Who am I?

Sylvie Martin Reiki Master & Retreat leader

Sylvie Martin Reiki


I am an experienced Reiki Master, a skilled retreat leader, and a dedicated breathworker. These roles have become integral parts of my ongoing journey of learning and personal growth.

Through years of self-training, I have cultivated the knowledge and expertise to guide other women on their transformative paths.


Despite initial fears of rejection and judgment, I have wholeheartedly embraced authenticity and found unwavering support from my loved ones. This has empowered me to share my wisdom and experiences with others, helping them navigate their own unique journeys.


Continuing to learn and grow is a fundamental aspect of my commitment to personal and spiritual development. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and exploring new techniques, ensuring that I stay current and effective in my role.


It is a profound privilege to witness the transformation of those I work with and to be able to contribute to their personal empowerment.

Guiding others  brings me immeasurable joy and fulfilment on this journey of self-discovery and service.


Let me tell you how breathwork completely turned my life around.


I used to be scared of facing my deep-rooted issues and always kept them hidden.

But then I started my breath-work journey, and everything changed.

I had to confront some painful traumas head-on, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and embracing my true self.


With each breath-work session, I experienced something powerful.

Step by step, I discovered my inner strength and continued on my healing path. It's incredible how breath-work raised my vibration and brought the right people into my life.

I've learned to manifest what I truly want and attract positive energy.


It's been a game-changer, and I can't believe the transformation it's brought about.

Breathwork has truly saved me.

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