Energy healing

We are not just a body. We are also made up of subtle bodies, chakras, soul and "chi" (life energy).
Depending on your current needs, I offer different tools to help you activate your life force, clear blockages and restore the balance necessary to be in physical and energetic harmony.  and emotional


What a joy to feel the energy flowing freely. I have been doing several treatments with Sylvie, I can totally let go, the confidence is there and the clearing is surprising every time.


The experience of my breathing with Sylvie was a magical moment… a real source of energy, a guide for an extraordinary experience… what a wonderful encounter!

There are no words to describe everything you feel, you just have to LIVE IT...

Thank you again for sharing this unforgettable moment. 


I come to share the experience of a breathing workshop with Sylvie. I really appreciated the structure of the Workshop: between the exercises and the moments of sharing. I felt a lot of joy and connection with my depth And benevolent presence during the breathing exercise. And I liked Sylvie's generosity and professionalism

A Workshop to offer yourself to reconnect with yourself, your breathing and Joy.