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Embark on your journey of transformation.

Most of our blockages and limitations come from traumas and lineage that are not belong to us.
We have the feeling  that one hand pushes us to act and the other holds us back blocking us from moving forward.

We can free ourself from these patterns by deciding to take care  of ourself and step in our inner power.

The tools that I offer to you, works on several levels.

First of all at energetic level, which will of course lead to an interaction with our emotional body by releasing memories and blockages, then the physical level, because our physical body is connected with all our energy body.
By working on ourself we also improve our vital energy and general health.

By increasing our life force energy we connect and attract people who vibrate on the same level as us and we   open the door to opportunities and changes.

Do you feel yourself going in circles? Do you always reproduce the same patterns? Do you feel limited? Do you have physical pain?

Sylvie respiration consciente.
atelier groupe sylvie martin

Group workshop

During the workshops that I lead, the energy of the group is very important.

This energy that we co-create allows each participant to be a support or an inspiration to others and to be both supported and listened to by the group. 

During the group sessions, I am convinced that each participant is not there by chance and that the experiences of some  allow others to find the answers and messages that they had come  to look for.

In the program :




-Conscious breathing.