Transpersonal Hypnosis ®

Transpersonal Hypnosis® is a method created by Severine Barbier,  as its name suggests, the transpersonal concerns what exists beyond the personality, its conditioning and its small world, with the objective of “ the full realization ” of the person.
In Transpersonal Hypnosis®, you are placed in a state of modified consciousness or expanded consciousness.

The particularity of Transpersonal Hypnosis® is that  During the session, we will be able to explore past lives, but also regress into the present life and potentially enter into communication with your higher consciousness.

As the session is recorded, you will be able to listen again to the messages delivered during the session.

In this practice, you will remain active throughout the session.

It's a great transformation tool for lasting changes, insofar as you want to move forward with your development and find answers to your concerns.

Your higher consciousness watches over you and you always have free will.

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Transpersonal Hypnosis ®  is an approach used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

I would say, that you can't be hypnotized against without your consent.

The majority of people are receptive to hypnosis, it is enough to adjust the trance time for some.

Hypnosis is a natural state that we encounter throughout the day, when watching a good movie, when focused on tasks.


In fact, our brain changes frequency throughout the day, depending on our occupations.


It is natural to go from Beta, Alpha to Theta waves.


Some people go into resistance out of fear:

  • Fear of being manipulated : no practitioner can induce something in your brain that does not correspond to your convictions, beliefs… moreover during the state of hypnosis you hear everything and the session is recorded.

  • Fear of revealing things that are too personal : don't worry, you will only reveal what you decide to reveal.

  • Fear of reliving one's death : the practitioner will guide you through this stage, with the agreement of your guiding spirit. Death is often experienced as a calming experience and the rise into the light is often gentle and benevolent.

  • Fear of reliving a trauma : your higher consciousness, which is a part of you, ensures that you only experience or re-live what is necessary and bearable.


A hypnosis session like any other holistic treatment can cause disturbances, healing crisis .


For  to be able to integrate into your physical body and your energy bodies new information, it is sometimes necessary  to welcome a period of transition and discomfort with kindness, curiosity and openness.


What are the possible results of a session?

Find the origin of different problems to find solutions:

  • Health problem

  • Trauma, conscious or in the past

  • Psychological blocks

Find the causes of difficult ties or relationships, friends, families, etc.

Find forgotten skills and resources.

Highlighting and releasing parasitic links

  • Entities, thoughtforms, promise or pact

Get guidance-life mission-karmic ties

Energy cleansing.


What happens during a session.

An interview is necessary to better understand your concerns, problems and expectations… Following this interview, I will be able to decide on the questions to guide you during the trance.

I will explain to you, what to do or not to do for the session to go perfectly.

Induction : I will guide you into a deep trance, and put in place all the protections so that the session goes as well as possible.

Different scenarios can be proposed:

  • Exploration of a significant event in this life.

  • Visit past life(s)  

  • Higher Consciousness Guidance

  • Entity cleaning and energy repair

  • Cleansing and energy care.


Return from trance.


At the end of the session I will send you the recording so that you can listen to it again (each listening with the heart will give you information)


The duration of a session depends on the case treated, on average 3 or 4 hours.


Tips before a session

I recommend that you make this session an appointment with yourself.

Relax, meditate, listen to audios to prepare your body and mind to let go.

This session is a gift that you give yourself, it is an experience to go to the next level, to access a new stage.

Remember that you have chosen your incarnation and the experiences you wish to have in order to evolve. 
You will be able to visit one or more lives which have been important and which are linked to your
  present life and/or re-connect with moments of your current life.

We will try to find answers to your questions.

To take full advantage of this experience, I recommend that you have no particular expectations, to let go and to welcome the experience with confidence.