If you've made it this far


Has Reiki always attracted you?

What is your motivation ?

Distance learning Reiki 1-Shoden

  • Do you have problems that you cannot resolve (physical, emotional ...)?

  • Are you looking for a  way to feel better in your life (stress, anxieties ...)?

  • Is it simple curiosity? this assumption often hides something deeper?

  • Ask yourself the question! what interests you in Reiki?


If you want to take a first step and discover a spiritual & personal development tool,

this training is made for you!



Why is my training different from what you can find on the web?

Because you will receive, in addition to all the theoretical part, the sacred initiations that will open your energy channel (Shushuma).

Welcome to the wonderful world of Reiki.  


This course will introduce you to this amazing self-healing therapy and help you on your daily journey.  

No previous experience is necessary.

The spiritual or energetic world is not reserved for certain chosen ones , if you have the desire to learn, I will be there to accompany you.


Reiki is a door that opens to your  spiritual world and will bring you an opening to mindfulness.


Your Reiki Usui training, level 1, will allow you to take care of yourself as well as to friends or family members.

Become a Reiki practitioner thanks to this distance training.

Because I myself have been confronted with questions, which I had to resolve on my own.

I created this distance training to be  suitable for everyone.

You will not be alone to study because I accompany you throughout the training.  

This training is different from what you will be able to  find on the net, because you will receive the 4 sacred initiations, which open your channel.

Theory is not enough  not to make of you a Reiki channel, it is necessary for that to receive the initiations.

This training will be validated, at the end of the 21 days, you will receive your Reiki practitioner certificate and a manual to download.

Reiki certificat niveu 1 shoden


The harmonizations (sacred initiations) are the most important part of this online course.



You don't have to be awake to receive them. 

You can try to plan your initiations so that you can sit quietly and experience them.  



Once the registration is done, we will agree on a day and a time.

Your photo is also needed so that I can connect with you.

Why ?  The Reiki initiation in the presence or at a distance is done between a donor and a recipient, harmonized on the same frequency. 

A bit like an antenna and a radio that connects to the right soundtrack. For this reason I am focusing on your photo to align with you.


About distance initiations, the question that many ask is: does it work , well, of course!  


Energy is a frequency, when you become a Reiki Level II practitioner you will learn to send healing remotely and be amazed to discover all the possibilities.

Reiki Treatment

This course allows you to work at your own pace



What are you going to learn?

  • Definition, history and benefits of Reiki

  • 5 Reiki principles 

  • hand position for self-treatment

  • hand position for others.

  • ethics of the practitioner and how to create a sacred space

  • Kenyoku

  • meditation

  • chakra study.


You will receive 4 harmonizations

The explanations and videos are clear, they are an essential course support.


Once  the well-integrated courses, it will be up to you to create your own protocols and to continue your exercises and research.

Price: 149 Euros instead of 250 Euros in the presence.

This offer is limited

formation Reiki niveau 1 en ligne




and accessible in A complete online training format

(E-book) MP3 (Audio) and videos.

From home, at your own pace

Personalized follow-up, I can be contacted by the group or by whatsapp.

Accessible without time limit

An accessible training without pre-requisites.No particular knowledge in energy is required, only the commitment to follow the courses and to practice the self-treatments.

You want to take care of yourself, cleanse blockages, traumas and limiting thoughts.


Do you want to take care of your well-being and reconnect with yourself?

Image by Conscious Design

Still hesitating?

Master Reiki, I created this training to share and transmit my knowledge.  


We each have our own learning pace and I got  realized, that when  I was teaching over a weekend, the students did not have time to integrate all the learning. They were  then alone faced with their questions.


With the 21-day follow-up, you will be able to ask questions, and share your findings and experiences.

I wanted to make this course an introduction to Reiki affordable for everyone, we don't all have the same time to give each other.


You therefore study at your own pace, at home or according to your availability.

Reiki Healing

Special offer 2021

Payment for training is secure.

And so that the price does not  either not an obstacle, I propose during this period a 'solidarity' rate or:


119 Euros  

Choose this rate if you have difficulty paying 149 Euros , nothing will be asked of you, the course you will receive will be the same, access to the group will not mention the rate paid.

After registration you will receive an email within 24 hours, if you do not receive it, check spam or contact me.

Soin Reiki


Wonderful times spent with you. Thank you for this sharing of energies and benevolence, and laughter. Thank you to you Sylvie, my good fairy for your kindness, your professionalism, your sense of human relations and your communicative energy.

Hope to see you all again. I wish you to be happy and to find each one happiness in your different respective lives. There is a princess or a prince in all of us! Dare to be or become the one you've always dreamed of.

Meditation en pleine conscience


I thank

Sylvie Martin

for his Reiki initiation 1.

A weekend full of energy

As well as all those who attended.

Very beautiful souls ...

I loved these moments spent in your company ...

Let's stay connected ...

Yoga Session


Thank you Sylvie for these two days which have enriched me so much. Everything was perfect, don't change a thing. You transmit your strength and energy in softness and friendliness. I also thank all the participants for these moments of sharing in love and light. See you soon for more