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Psychologist Session

Reiki Master - Practitioner in Transpersonal Hypnosis®

“In each of us there is another being that we do not know.
He speaks to us through the dream and lets us know that he sees us very different from what we think we are. »

Carl Gustav Jung

My journey

Well-being, altered state of consciousness and my self-healing have motivated my research and experiments for over 20 years.

In 2001, I left France with my husband and children after the departure of a loved one.

This experience rekindled deep-seated emotions. This descent into the depths of myself appeared to me at the time as a test, but do we not grow from our tests?

It reinforced me in the fact that you can sometimes feel vulnerable and that showing it does not make you weak, but rather human.

For several years I trained and explored various techniques:
Reiki-Conscious Breathing-Lomi Lomi Massage, Energy Healing and Transpersonal Hypnosis®.

After all these years of personal development that I deepen day by day, putting my skills at the service of others seemed obvious to me.

Passionate about altered states of consciousness, I continue my development with  Transpersonal Hypnosis® which is an incredible tool to communicate with our "higher self" or better version of ourselves.

Treating yourself to a Transpersonal® hypnosis session is the best gift you can give yourself to discover your history.

I with the best experts in energy healing and well-being.

I got my Reiki mastery with Ashana Solaris

Mindful Breathing Practitioner Christabel Zamor 

Practitioner in spiritual hypnosis with Camille Forestier

Practitioner in Transpersonal Hypnosis® with Severine Barbier

Practitioner in energy healing with Luc Bodin


Reiki spiritual healing

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